May 13 & 14, 2023 Fighting Spirit of America


The official line-up is coming soon but will include all performers listed below as well as some additional exciting demonstrations!


Air Force F-35A Demo

The F-35A Lightning II is the U.S. Air Force’s newest fifth-generation fighter. The Lightning II is a stealthy, multirole, all-weather air-to-air and surface attack fighter. It is designed to enable direct attack against the most heavily defended ground targets.

US Army Golden Knights

The US Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights, consists of demonstration and competition parachutist teams, drawn from all branches of the U.S. Army known for winning national and international competitions.


The F/A-18 is an all-weather, twin-engine, carrier-capable, multirole combat aircraft, designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft utilized by the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

Franklin's Flying Circus

Kyle Franklin has become known as the “King of themed air show acts” and a legend in the airshow world. He has been flying airshows full-time for over 25 years and has won the coveted Bill Barber Award for Showmanship.

The Ace Maker

After flying with his friend Kay Eckhart, in one of Kay’s Lockheed T-33s in 2007, Gregory Colyer set his sights on an upgrade to the U.S. Air Force’s first operational jet and a real piece of U.S. aviation history.  Acquiring a T-33 and naming it Ace Maker in 2008. 

The American Airpower Museum

The mission of the American Airpower Museum is the preservation of aviation, and military history to educate the public, and the next generation of Americans about the courage, valor, sacrifice, and heroism of our nation’s veterans, aviation pioneers, and aviation industry workers.

Aftershock Jet Truck

Always interested in Jet Engines, Neal Darnell thought why not put a military fighter jet engine in a Chevy Pickup Truck? With a little magic, a lot of money, a little luck, and lots of hard work the Jet Truck was born – with over 12,000 Horsepower and capable of speeds approaching 400 miles per hour.

Placid Lassie

Placid Lassie is a real war hero and a veteran of D-day and operations Market Garden (Netherlands), Repulse (the relief of Bastogne), and Varsity. To this day she is flown to share her history and teach the children about World War II.

Liberty Jump Team

Since its beginning in 2006, the Liberty Jump Team has evolved and expanded to preserve the memory of all Military Veterans and remember the sacrifice of those who never returned while bringing history to the people.

Wings of Blue Jump Team

The Wings of Blue have a long-standing commitment to personal and organizational excellence as well as a storied history of success. While the airspace that the Wings of Blue operates in is one of the busiest in the world, their drop zone is one of the safest.

Jason Flood

Piloting a modified Pitts S1, Jason has been flying since the young age of 16. By 17, Jason was already training in aerobatics quickly rising to the top of the aerobatics competition circuit.

Our Hometown F-15Cs

We can’t have an airshow without showcasing our very own F-15s. The 104th Fighter Wing prepares and deploys in support of domestic, humanitarian, and combat operations anywhere in the world.

Rob Holland

Rob’s rise to the top started as a young airshow fan in his native New England. Now in his 18th year as a full-time airshow pilot, Rob has distinguished himself by blazing a trail of innovation, developing maneuvers never before seen at airshows.

Visitors can also walk up to and explore our parked aircrafts including:

  • KC-46A Pegasus
  • KC-135 Stratotanker
  • C-47
  • P-40
  • T-38
  • F-16
  • F-35
  • A-10
  • AH-64D Apache Helicopter
  • Lakota Helicopter
  • F-15C
  • C-130
  • Army Trucks & Humvees

And more to be announced!