May 13 & 14, 2023 Fighting Spirit of America

VIP Tickets

Eagle’s Nest Chalet

Join us for an upgraded experience at the next Westfield International Air Show!

Eagle’s Nest Chalet

The Eagle’s Nest Chalet caters to guests looking for an upgraded air show experience. With an exclusive lounge and private seating, fans can relax and have front row access to view the Thunderbirds staging area.

A ticket to the Chalet also comes with coffee and light breakfast snacks from 10am – 11am, a private bar including complimentary beer and wine from 11am – 4pm, a full lunch buffet, afternoon snacks, and activities for children. There are also private restrooms in the Chalet area. Last but not least, each purchase of Eagle’s Nest tickets includes a parking pass to the VIP Lot D, the closest parking to the flight line. There’s limited capacity in the Chalet, but guests can purchase their tickets ahead of time to guarantee a spot.