Westfield International Airshow in conjuction with 104th Fighter Wing, Westfield, MA

A CENTURY OF AIRPOWER August 12 & 13, 2017

Westfield International Airshow

A CENTURY OF AIRPOWER August 12 & 13, 2017

Westfield International Airshow

A CENTURY OF AIRPOWER August 12 & 13, 2017

Westfield International Airshow

August 12 & 13, 2017

Security Information & FAQs

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New Security Measures for 2017

  • All guests entering the Air Show will be screened with wands or walk-through metal detectors, so please plan accordingly.
  • All bags are subject to search. Security screeners will require guests to return any prohibited item to their vehicle before entering.
  • Alternatively, there will also be “Amnesty Boxes” at each entry point for leaving prohibited items behind prior to screening. There are no returns of items left in Amnesty Boxes.

Permitted Items:

  • One 12” x 12” bag, purse or tote per person
  • Personal seat cushions, pads, and blankets
  • Folding chairs, lawn chairs, etc.
  • Strollers, wagons
  • Binoculars and/or cameras, as well as their protective cases
  • Empty beverage containers, Camelbaks, water bottles, etc. All must fit within 12”x12” size restriction.
  • Commercially purchased, UNOPENED water bottles (e.g., Dasani, Aquafina, etc.) that are 1 Liter in size (approx. 33 oz.) or smaller

Prohibited Items:

  • Bags, purses, totes, backpacks & other types of baggage larger than 12” x 12”
  • Weapons (regardless of permit) to include but not limited to: firearms, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), replica or toy weapons, pepper spray, mace, stun guns, and martial arts weapons.
  • Outside beverages other than commercially purchased, UNOPENED water bottles (e.g., Dasani, Aquafina, etc.).
  • Empty containers, bottles, etc. ARE permitted. There will be free water stations at various spots around the spectator area. Baby formula and medically necessary liquids are allowed after proper inspection.
  • Pop-up canopies
  • Free-standing or beach umbrellas
  • Coolers/ice chests are NOT permitted. An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection.
  • Pets, other than credentialed service animals
  • Glass containers
  • Bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, scooters, skateboards, or hover boards
  • No personal drones (i.e. quad or hex copters)
  • Lasers or laser pointers
  • Marijuana, and federally banned substances such as illicit narcotics

Frequently Asked Questions

General Info:

The show is taking place at Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport, in Westfield, Massachusetts. The address is 110 Airport Road, Westfield, MA 01085. Please see the air show home page for a map and directions on how to get here. The Air Show is produced in conjunction with an Open House at Barnes Air National Guard Base.

Barnes ANG Base is home of the 131st Fighter Squadron and 104th Fighter Wing, currently assigned the F-15 Eagle aircraft. Barnes ANG Base and Otis ANG Base represent the Air National Guard Wings of the Massachusetts National Guard. The aerodrome, with its two active runways and supporting taxiways, is shared with Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport.
There is no cost for general admission. There will be a $10 donation requested for parking. The donation offsets the cost of producing the air show, and also supports many local charities. There are also optional upgrades available for an enhanced visitor experience, such as reserved flight-line seating and the Eagles Nest VIP chalet. Click here to learn more.
The air show will be August 12th and 13th, 2017.
Parking lots open at 6:30am.
Airshow security gates open at 8:00am.
Flying performances will take place approximately from 10:30am until 4:30pm.
Airshow security gates will close at 5:30pm and all spectators must exit by that time.

Entry Procedures:

Yes. Since there is no fee for admission and no coolers or large bags allowed on base, you are encouraged to keep these items in your vehicle.
No. Please review all the important entry restrictions on the Security page.
A "cooler" is anything that was designed to insulate. Often the contents are fine as long as they are NOT in a cooler. An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection.
Yes, cameras and video recorders are permitted along with their protective cases. Amateur photographers are also encouraged to check out our Photo Pit access pass, allowing exclusive access to the best shooting locations on the airfield. All items will be subject to security screening prior to entry.
Yes. Handheld personal umbrellas are permitted. Large beach umbrellas or self-standing umbrellas placed in the ground are NOT permitted, nor are any other tent or awning structures.
Yes; Commercially purchased, UNOPENED water bottles (e.g., Dasani, Aquafina, etc.) are allowed as long as they are 1 Liter in size (approx. 33 oz.) or smaller. Also, empty water bottles, containers, Camelbaks, etc. are allowed as long as they fit within the size restrictions in the security policy. We will have FREE water stations at specified locations once you are inside the show.
Yes, but do not attach beach umbrellas or tent structures to it.
Yes – it will need to be inspected at the security entry gate.
Yes. However, please keep travel paths clear by sitting in appropriate areas. Large congregations of folding chairs can become a hazard by restricting movement of safety & security personnel who may need to respond quickly to incidents. Airshow staff reserve the right to ask you to relocate, as necessary.
For the safety of air show attendees and the animals, pets are not allowed, except for service animals (seeing eye dogs, etc.). Please consider whether your service animal will be able to tolerate loud noise and low-flying aircraft before bringing it to the show.
Yes, but the airfield will close to non-airshow aviation from 0730-1730 on Sat and Sun, so you will need to land by 0730 and would not be allowed to leave until 1730 or later. General aviation aircraft parking will be near the base of the control tower. As always, check NOTAMS regularly. Contact Rectrix Aerodrome Center at (413) 485-0078 for complete FBO information at BAF.

Seating, Concessions, and Eagle's Nest Chalet:

Yes. Guests are encouraged to bring a personal seat cushion or blanket to sit on. However, tents and awnings of any kind are NOT permitted.
No. Our reserved Flight-line seating area is on a level surface to minimize blocking the views of the performances.
Yes, 10% off for military. There is a promo code you can use when purchasing online. See our website for more details. Present a valid ID when arriving at the chalet entry.
Seating is not assigned in the Eagle's Nest. There will be enough seats and tables for all ticket holders.
Seating is not assigned in this area. There will be rows of chairs set up on a level surface, and we will only sell as many tickets as our capacity allows (no overbooking here!). There will be enough seats for all ticket holders.
No- the area is set up under the open sky. Shade can be found in some of the aircraft hangars in the ANG Base area, as well as under the wings of static display aircraft. Patrons are encouraged to plan accordingly with umbrellas, sunglasses, lotion and hats.
Each order of Eagles Nest chalet tickets comes with a VIP parking pass for Lot D. Flight-line seating does not include VIP parking.
Yes. There will be a large variety of food and beverage choices, including vegetarian & gluten-free options. Credit cards will be accepted.
Yes, however coolers are not permitted, so be sure to pack snacks that do not require an ice chest or cooler. There will be plenty of food available for purchase at the show and many varieties of food types to choose from.
No- you can bring EMPTY beverage containers such as water bottles and hydration packs (Camelbaks). We will have FREE water-filling stations once you get inside the show. Many different beverage types will be available for purchase as well.
Loose ice is prohibited because it is difficult to search. Ice packs ARE permitted in your 12x12 bag.
No. Beer, wine and limited mixed drinks will be available for purchase from Air Show vendors.
Please contact our master concessionaire Red Frog Food & Beverage to apply to be third-party vendor.

Performers, Aircraft, Displays:

We have a list of performers (please see the Performers page) but not a schedule of acts since specific schedules are finalized much closer to the event, depending on various conditions.
Yes – performers are scheduled to perform both days. However, there may be small variations in the exact sequence of performers from one day to the next. The USAF Thunderbirds will always be the final performance each day.
Several performances will feature jet noise, as well as pyrotechnic effects such as simulated bomb bursts. Ear protection for children and those sensitive to loud noise is a good idea. Foam earplugs will be offered free of charge at all medical assistance tents.
A static display is an aircraft that is on display inside the spectator area. It is not an aircraft that is flying but is available for photos, viewing and to meet the aircrew. This is a wonderful opportunity to get up close to the aircraft you have only viewed in photos or from a distance.
Yes – it will consist of airshow-themed bounce houses, slides, a sling-shot jump, and other amusements.
The Air Show is held under the open sky. Shade can be found in some of the aircraft hangars in the ANG Base area, as well as under the wings of static display aircraft. Patrons are encouraged to plan accordingly with umbrellas, sunglasses, lotion and hats.
The show will go on- rain or shine- to the maximum capability of each individual performer. Each requires different levels of ceiling, visibility, etc. ...so even with periods of bad weather we will make every effort to arrange the sequence of performers to allow the very best show we can put up.
You can request a media pass by going to the Media page. The request should include information about the publication or media outlet you work for. These requests will be sent to the ANG Public Affairs office for approval for a media pass.


The $10 donation to park does two things. It offsets the cost for the show producers, and a percentage goes to the city or the site owner. After the costs are paid, the additional proceeds go back to the community through donations. Many community and military organizations benefits from revenue produced by the show.
There will be shuttle bus service from our remote parking areas only. See our parking page for more details. Most of our lots are walking distance to the nearest show entry gate.
Yes. Reserved parking tickets will be available soon for $15 per car, and can be purchased via the website’s parking page. This will allow you to print the pass at home and display it in your vehicle’s front window when you come to the show. Lot C is designated for reserved parking, and tickets will be available until that lot sells out.
Yes. There will be a paved handicapped parking lot available to spectators who have a current handicapped parking tag. This lot is located just to the North of Entry Point #3, and is best approached from I-90 / Exit 3. If using a GPS, navigate to 825 Southampton Rd., Westfield, MA. **Be advised that credentials WILL BE inspected & verified by law enforcement prior to entry! **
There will be some spots available for RV's in Lot E. RV’s must be pre-registered online, and the cost is $50 for a parking pass. This will allow access to the parking area for 4 days: Friday, Aug 11 until Monday, Aug 14. While RV's can stay in the lot overnight, the security gates to the airshow will be secured in the evening.


Because the event is taking place on an active airfield, smoking & vaping is only allowed in designated smoking areas away from the flight line.

Have a question not answered here? Email us directly at info@westfieldairshow.org, or call our information line at (413) 564-2778. Please note that this line is for voice mails only, with return call when possible.