May 13 & 14, 2023 Fighting Spirit of America


In previous years parking has been free with a requested donation, why is there a requirement to purchase a parking pass now?

The members of the 104th Fighter Wing are extremely grateful for the community’s support and are excited to show off our base and its capability at the 2023 Westfield Air Show.  The reality of construction/encroachment around the base, however, has reduced the amount of available parking from previous Air Shows that have been hosted in the past.  This, combined with the large price increases for all required support to put on an air show, has led us to go to a reserved model for this year’s show.  As a result, the amount of parking spaces available for both general parking and VIP parking is greatly reduced and requires those that want to attend to pre-purchase a parking pass in order to ensure a spot is available on the given day that is selected for the prices listed on the website.  We’ve tried to continue with the spirit of our open house and hope as many people can attend as possible by making admission to the show still free of charge and the parking fees as reasonable as possible.  This way, you can offset the parking fees by filling your vehicles with as many people as possible, as each pass is per vehicle and not per person.  Fill those cars up, and thank you for your continued support of the 104th Fighter Wing and its personnel!

Will bike parking be provided at the air show?

Yes, a bike rack has been secured and you will be allowed to park your bike at your own risk free of cost.

The website says parking passes are required to be purchased prior to attending the air show, does that mean I have to purchase one to get in?

Admission to the air show is free.  However, due to limited parking compared to previous years, if you plan on driving a vehicle to the show, you will be required to purchase a General or VIP parking pass to park your vehicle in one of the lots.  This pass will be good for however many people can fit in the car, so pack them full!  If you’re able to get to the show without a vehicle, admission is free, and you’ll be able to enter through the different entry control points that are available.

Is there handicap parking available at the air show?

Yes, please purchase a general parking pass, and you will be directed by the traffic control staff to the handicap lot when a valid handicap placard is presented with a parking pass.

Are pets allowed at the air show this year?

No, pets will not be allowed into the show. The only exception to this is an approved support animal that an individual requires.

What time does it start?

Parking for general admission and VIP will begin at 7:00 am on both days. Gates open at 8:00 am with air demonstrations beginning at 10:00 am and continuing to about 3:30 pm.

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